International Women’s Day Report by Kyro Selket

IWD 2017 REPORT I want to begin by saying, THANK YOU to everyone who got involved in my crazy International Women’s Day idea. 2017 saw Kirikiriroa Hamilton offered a number of events throughout the day, which acknowledged local women and women’s communities. Before I expand I want to take this moment to thank our sponsors: […]

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Waitangi Day – Living Wage & Mobile Retail Trucks

On Monday the 6th of February, Poverty Action Waikato joined with the Waikato Living Wage network to commemorate Waitangi Day. It was a privilege to be part of the community day hosted by Te Runanga O Kirikiriroa and The Western Community Centre. We spent time talking with the community about the Living Wage and the […]

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Hamilton beggars: is it ‘Do not feed the animals’?

There is something dehumanising about the campaign by the Hamilton Central Business Association to stop people giving money to beggars. It feels like the ‘Do not feed the animals’ signs found in zoos and suchlike across the world. My family do nearly all our shopping in central Hamilton. We like its character, wide verandas and […]

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Post Budget Memo to MP’s David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe

On Friday the 27th of May, we delivered the following post budget memo to MP’s David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe . We are awaiting a response. MEMO RESPONSE TO BUDGET 2016 Date: 27 May 2016 To:  David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe From: Poverty Action Waikato   This budget represents a poverty of imagination and yet again the […]

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Writing back to the Hamilton community about Neglect and Nurture

  In the report, Writing back to the Hamilton community about…Neglect and Nurture (2016), Anna Casey-Cox and Rose Black interviewed people working in 16 Hamilton community and social service organisations. The report reflects the observations of those who participated about how neglect and nurture operates in Hamilton and offers insights for building a responsible society. […]

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